Colors of Life

I suppose this watercolor is different for me in that I usually tend to stick with one or two muted tones or colors that are not in such contrast. I often start painting (after not painting for awhile) with lines like this. My goal is too continue this mood and see where it goes.
Life is busy and it seems the older I get the busier it gets.
I am blessed with family and friends ……….and recovery from various forms of darkness. What more can one ask for ?
I am reading more of Oriah (Mountain Dreamer) and she calls God the “Great Mystery” and I like that and accept that the “unknowing” the “mystery” the “suprises” are what makes life on this human level liveable. If we knew everything that was – is and will be, wouldn it not be overwhelming?
One day at a time, Acceptance and Seeking this Great Mystery is a good way to live. Constant self-examination without harsh judgement, and kindness, always kindness.

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