Sadness as love

I was listening to one of Oprah’s and Friends Podcast’s and the woman said “Sadness is really love”
This statement took me back a bit and I had to process the greatness of it.
When I have felt sad I often thought it was “all about me” and that I was selfish – or deserved to feel this way. And I am recovered enough to know not to get lost in any of those type of thoughts. This new way of looking at sadness feels much better and somehow very right.
I know now how much I love; by the sadness in my heart about some things.
And I am (made of) water and the tears flow because I overflow with love……
Now don’t get me wrong I am not in constant sadness, not by a long shot. What has happened to me in recovery is; I can no longer stuff the feelings, the tears, the love.
I can no longer have the walls around me that I used to have I now have boundaries instead of walls. I no longer live in the dark.
Spirit walks with me and I am in the presence of Love when I choose to be conscious of that Love and Light. To do Inventory is to go into the dark and bring “my stuff” into the light.
God has made him/her self known to me over and over again as I have walked this path of receovery and more and more I am able to stay in the day (hopefully in the now) and that is where God is….where…I am

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