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So I am going to attempt to blog however for now just put up some artwork. In the many years I have been doing art ………. this is actually the first commission. The experience was a process in which I went through many feelings and thoughts. Was I able to “create on demand” ? As I built the medicine wheel  it began to evolve and I knew that there was no pressure and that in fact I could do this piece.

Marked by the May Moon Acylic and Imported Papers on Canvas.

The private collection of Mark Duffie Of Laurentian University.

with thanks


Marked by the May Moon

Marked by the May Moon

Singing to the Choir

WallMy new piece called

Singing to the Choir is a 36 x 48 Imported Paper on Canvas. I became very aware as I worked on this piece that the paper I was using for the water was the last of its kind. As I ordered the paper from a few different suppliers I was told that the Japanese man that made this paper had died this past year and there would be no more available in this color.

So it filtered in to the piece…….. that he could have taught this method ~ yet had no one interested enough to learn.  The White Pine singing to the smaller pines  reminded me of the quote, thus the title.

Autumn Approaches

autumn moon

This piece is called Autumn Moon. It is currently at Soul Sistas Cafe’ and Gallery in Huntsville, Ontario. I have not been able to take a picture that truly shows the true beauty of this piece. I am posting it because Autumn approaches …….. summer gone, and I am convince the older we get the fast time seems to go. A busy life that is full is a good thing.

There goes summer

I just have not kept this website up at all. My life got in the way. Working at Social Media and doing art……. leaves me no time for blogging. Facebook is up to date and Emeraldcraft is my page., “like” me over there!!

Keeping up with the Media

On the EdgeThis is the last piece that I have worked on. Life seems to get in the way ……. which I suppose is better than not having a life. I have not posted anything here in a while and am at a loss as to whether or not I really want to. Too much Media going on in my life. Facebook , Twitter, Pinterest for other folks – don;t want to do my own.