Possiblilty Thinking

I found this picture a while back on the web, and love it for it’s movement and excitement.

Today I think of possible changes that can be made. I have returned to the awareness that I have had my TV on – to get away from the noise around me. Using it for “white noise” when in fact there is nothing white about it. So the garbage that has been pouring into my psyche for the past few weeks has to stop now.

This week someone gave me a couple of CD’s by Spiritual teachers, and as I listen I begin to realize I just purchased the new Wayne Dyer series and have not listened DUH !!

The other realization is that I have always got my spiritual nourishment ( a lot of it) from listening to spiritual teachers. Beginning with Jack Boland and Marianne Williamson on to Wayne and others. Add the Soul Series that Oprah did and I can’t believe how far away I have gotten recently from all this.

And I need to back up and listen to Wayne’s previous series called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Mind, I think this is the missing piece. (for me)

The process of these realizations has been one of connecting the dots…………. change my thinking and the possibilities arise from that place.

The clearing of my mind, the clarity that is coming to me since stopping the sugar (26 days ago) is all connected also.
Being connected to God…………….. the light ………. the comforter

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