Spring Gap

Christmas Picture above with all of my

grandchildren –

Happy Easter >……………but where did March go????

I feel like I have lost a month somewhere along the way. And Today realized that Easter is only one week from Sunday and I thought it was two weeks away.

Life really is what happens while we are making other plans!

Signed up for 2 workshops in Haliburton at the School of fine art………………….waiting on word about funding to take some courses and realized I could afford to do the workshops.

I am so glad Spring is here…………we may see one other snow fall however I know that its almost finished for another year. I would like to get “walking” .

Spiritually I find I have to really focus on the “grace” in my life and just be so grateful for all that I have – for my family and friends and folks God sends my way.

Having a new sponsee is a good thing – back to Step One – lots of re-affirmming that I do what I do because I have to in order to stay alive.

I have everything I need on a daily basis and that is all I have “a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition”

so it is always “now” and the goal would be to stay in the “now”

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