Our energy goes out from us and is all around us and some folks give us energy and some take it away.
I learned along time ago that I am super sensitive to other peoples energy. I often have to take a “step back” if I am around someone who is zapping my energy.
Since I have this disability that is all about pain and energy I find it all rather confusing at times.
My saving grace is that I know when to “rest”. I have some difficulty at times letting others know when I have “had enough” and this past week was an example of the struggle I deal with at times. I did way too much and finally crashed.
This next while I am going t focus on the different ways I rejuvenate. One is by being alone and doing creative things. It’s finding the balance between solitude and isolation that is often the challenge for me.
Other ways to re-energize is to get outside, I mean outdoors, I mean into nature. And living where I live you wouldn’t think that it would be hard to do that. Yet I struggle with it. For a person who spent so much time in or near the water for the first part of my life, I certainly notice the difference when I “go there”.
I suppose its all really about BALANCE.
So to Balance Energy…… be connected to the earth and the cosmos and to other humans in a good way…………and in order to do that I must be connected to self and God.
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