There seems to be a debate on the idea of praying for others or if praying for yourself just what it is that one should ask for.
I pray for family and friends all the time however I only ask that they be granted peace and serenity and health.
I don’t pray for them to “change” or do certain things. I suspect that is up to them and what ever Force, Source or Energy they pray to for help.
I know some folks stuggle with the concept of God and I suspect that the problem at times seems to be we have created God in our image. We try to put form and face to God instead of a feeling or knowing. I see folks who are in recovery who come in and already have a concept of a Higher Power and have a sense of this Power at work in their lives.
For those who cannot conceive or believe I can only say that it’s ok because that Great Mystery believes in you!!
I pray that everyone in my “circle of life” which includes family and friends has peace and serenity and hope…………
I pray that I can be of “service” by living a life of gratitude and faith……..
A men
A women !

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