this too shall pass

I suppose I need to remember that all things move – forward or backward. We never really need suffer for too long, in physical or emotional pain. For me if I just keep doing the next right thing it seems to get me through.
The energy of “doing something creative” or “doing something for someone else” always gets me out of myself.
I started to write about a year ago, my life story and yesterday I was thinking about why I stopped or more important what stopped me.
I stopped at the last year of my drinking – the year I married “Robin Hood”. It was such a tough year. A friend that I drank with was murdered. The marriage to Rob lasted about 8 weeks……….I came into recovery about 8 months later. I was spinning out of control.
So perhaps it’s time to return to the writing, for my own sense of “I can do this” and if no one ever reads it that will be ok. Perhaps it might be best if no one reads it 🙂
I am blessed to have such great family and friends that have always loved me no matter what!!

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