When we recover Spiritually………

I suppose for everything EACH DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING………
AND they say you can start your day ( or your next 24 hours ) anytime you want.
I see how anxious I can get if there are too many things going on. And this seems to be one of those months.
An Art Show tonight and tomorrow and then Parry Sound and Skeleton Lake on Sunday.
Seeing old friends and acquaintances should not make one anxious and yet at time it seems to.
Was reading a post today on one of my email loops that quote from the Big Book of AA, that says “we recovery spiritually first and then we recover physically and emotionally”.
And so for the past few days as I return to my “roots” or my “bascis” of recovery; listening to spiritually minded folks on C.D.’S I am feeling more connected to Source.
this collage is the a part of the beginning of something new………

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