Comes November

I found this picture on the web and I find it reminds of November.
A real time of transition, as we can no longer ignore the reality that winter is here.
These past few days of mild weather has truly been a gift. Taking a long drive and listening to Marianne Williamson ……… solitude while being in motion. Noticing the colours left – before white comes the colour  of  wheat ….
So, I notice that each winter becomes a challange, and I am not so sure why I have that sense of things. Perhaps because spring always feels like rebirth.
I do not know who did this beautiful picture but I love the light and the dark, both are familiar.
A birthday on the rise for me. Another reason to call it a transitional time.I am grateful to be alive and to face another winter in the “near” north.
Snow and storms and cold crisp days …..
Bring it on!!

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