Butterflies and Transformations

This is another of my Torn Paper and Butterfly Series of cards that I am currently working on.                                                                                        The holiday season is starting to enter into my realm of consciousness. And once again I consider what it all means as we grow older – do we still consider this a special time. The statement that “Christmas is for children”  is one to ponder. What does that mean? Is there really magic in Christmas. Ram Dass ( a guru of the 60’s ) said ” If you think you are Spiritually evolved go spend a weekend with your family of origin”, and I wonder if this is true for most of us. And if we have children what then does this mean for them – and for us? I have two friends who are now living with their mothers full time. The one friend is fearful for his sanity and the other who is new to this way of living says the “warehousing” that goes on with the elderly is just not any way to treat our parents. Recently I visited my mother-in-law at such a facility. Once in her room I was fine; however the walk down the corridor to get to her room, was long and filled with the some of the horrors of aging. Folks slumped over in their chairs, mouths gaping open, oblivious to all that was around them. Perhaps we should be like Benjamin Button ………… and go the other way; start out as an old man and get younger. No one really minds caring for a baby !!
As I re-read this I realize it’s still some “leftovers” from my birthday and getting older, and I need to know that “going home” is not such a bad thing; for that Home, that place of “many mansions” in my Fathers house, is not such a scary thing……………

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