I may have uploaded this painting before……… it was the first painting I sold.
I did it with a feather and iridescent paint,
Well here I am at day 41 of my sugar free life. I am restless………. I have a great desire to “take a trip” and keep thinking Elliot Lake would be nice, reflective and cheaper than most places. However a good friend tells me my Jeep may not like a 250 mile trip.
Maybe next week I will take just a short two day excursion somewhere.
I am doing the “waiting to be inspired” thing with my art right now……… wanting to get back to the paper collages and see where it takes me. I know if I just start and not worry about where its going I will be ok… it’s just getting started that’s the kicker.
A 5 year celebration for my friend last night and I felt very connected to folks. It was a great night and reminds me to get to more meetings and get connected – as opposed to staying alone.
It’s a struggle for me at times ………. I like the solitary life. Just wish I was on a lake somewhere.
Well ya can’t win without a ticket so tonight I am gettin a ticket.

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