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So I am going to attempt to blog however for now just put up some artwork. In the many years I have been doing art ………. this is actually the first commission. The experience was a process in which I went through many feelings and thoughts. Was I able to “create on demand” ? As I built the medicine wheel  it began to evolve and I knew that there was no pressure and that in fact I could do this piece.

Marked by the May Moon Acylic and Imported Papers on Canvas.

The private collection of Mark Duffie Of Laurentian University.

with thanks


Marked by the May Moon

Marked by the May Moon

Getting Ready

Working in my Studio preparing Masks for a Mask Making Workshop to be given in June. I am trying to find some teachings on Masks because the client base I will be working with are 1st Nations. I just want to spark creativity without getting folks too emotionally involved as some Mask Making can do.



Welcome to my new Blog…….. with all the old stuff moved over from Blogger! Just finding my way around the tools and trying not to get overwhelmed.

This week I am in Spring Ahead Art  Show – taking place at Hidden Valley Resort here in Huntsville. this is the first show this year and am looking forward to it. The Ballroom will be full of local artists and that can be inspiring and at times intimidating. However I so enjoy the creative process and believe being able to do this keeps me sane. I am blessed to have the support of family and friends in my life, in all that I do and all that I am. The good the bad and the not so pretty !!

After this Show I am  moving stuff to the Bohemian Cafe’ in Bracebridge for the summer. Well ……… that’s the plan! I will keep you posted.