The Georgian Bay

Along the shores of Georgian Bay…………. I did a painting of the bay…. from a high point in the north channel.
It sold at the art show on Sunday to a couple who were celebrating their tenth anniversary.
Congrats and thank you.
It was my first oil painting and if anyone has a picture of it please send it to me. I just can’t seem to find a photo I took of it however I know I did cause I recall mailing it to a few folks.
It was a busy weekend and I managed to stay abstinent from sugar and all whites. I packed a lunch on Sunday to go to Parry Sound, and had salads friday and saturday at the show. I feel pretty good about this. I continue to go to O.A. meetings on line (dispite problems with Java) and continue to get on my knees and ask for help.
I often think about a nun that used to come to some AA meetings at the hospital in Hamilton she said ” My God is a gentleman and he likes to be asked” and so I ask. Each day I ask for this absinence to continue and for the willingness and ability to stick to a plan of eating that will keep me healthy.
Day 36 for me and I am grateful…………

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