Create, Creativity, Creator

I found a website called Go-Make-Art and the style and collage pieces are what I see myself doing.
I haven’t been blogging much – life is what happens when I am making other plans – my last entry said where did March go and now I say where did April go??
I realize part of my process is that I edit as I write – when I was writing “my story” I find myself editing all the time. And I don’t want to edit.
Do I want my family, friends and strangers to really know stuff?
the transition for me this month has come from Eckhart Tolle’ and his words “you are not your story”……………and I am not. I am not the same person, not my story!!
I am different each day and new and growing and evolving.
The gifts that God sends to me are huge. Teachers appear. Money shows up just when I need it.

And Now I Get …………to go to Art School , I did the “footwork” which always involves providing the supporting paper work……………and here I am leaving for the first course tomorrow.
How we manifest our desires is very clear to me. I remember walking on Locke Street in Hamilton and looking up at an Artist Studio and wanting to be there, to be that, to live there, to do art. And I ended up living there in that Studio and doing art and being that.
Then I got to be married and have that which I had never had………..a loving relationship – not perfect but a good one, with a good man.
And now here I am again……….in a studio, belonging to an Art Group, having a friend who supports me in my art and encourages me ( cause I can slip back and think i am not an artist)
and now this opportunity to study at a for real art school !!!!!!!!! How blessed it that.
I am so blessed, and all I have to do is to seek…………seek to know my Source, my Creator!!
My goal this week is to try and connect Spirit and Art…………..Create, Creativity, Creator…… co-create.