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So I am going to attempt to blog however for now just put up some artwork. In the many years I have been doing art ………. this is actually the first commission. The experience was a process in which I went through many feelings and thoughts. Was I able to “create on demand” ? As I built the medicine wheel  it began to evolve and I knew that there was no pressure and that in fact I could do this piece.

Marked by the May Moon Acylic and Imported Papers on Canvas.

The private collection of Mark Duffie Of Laurentian University.

with thanks


Marked by the May Moon

Marked by the May Moon

Muskoka Deer Antlers

These Antlers have been in my home for a long while and in my effort to be more minimal  in my space, I have painted them and they are now for sale at the Finds, downtown Huntsville.

In the four colours of the Medicine Wheel  ………….with Feathers that are said to be messengers from the Creator. The four colours of man; black, white, yellow and red. The four directions North, East, South and West. The four seasons and round and round the medicine wheel. The four stages of life child youth adult and elder ……………

All around Medicine Wheel

Finding our place and time in life can be sought though many different methods. One is using the medicine wheel, of which there are many.
This one, created by Sun Bear ( who published Danceing with the Wheel) is showing the stone, plant and animal that go with each month. This is very reflective of a Astrological interpretation of the months as they pass through the moon cycles.
I suppose I am drawn to this at this “birthday” month of mine. I started to draw feathers and read the above mentioned book in 1994 ……… the beginning of my path as an artist. And although many years inbetween I did nothing creative in terms of art, I suppose I was still creating in different ways.

So Snake , thistle, Malachite ………..somewhere I have a picture of two snakes I did way back then. And I have a really good piece of  Malachite, which I will put on my alter, just not sure about the thistle ………..perhaps if I went for a walk……….

this drawing is by M.G. Knoch ( not sure who he is however I need to mention his name)