New Years Resolutions

I wonder what resolution really means for folks. The number one for most is “to lose weight” !!!!!!! I make that one every week and so I am not going to make that one and throw it out to the universe simply to ignore it myself. Or make it more complicated than it needs to be. The main fact is I get “zero” excersise – so one thing I can do in the New Year is watch for the money to come that will enable me to join Curves again.
I want to change my mornings; writing each day and if it means going to bed early then so be it.
Making cards and trying to put some stuff into practice that I did over last summer at Halibuton.
Recovery is still “first things first” and that means God first and this prayer. “Seeking the wisdom” means seeking divine knowledge. Seeking to know what God’s will for my life is.
I do think if I had alot of money I would go someplace where I could do “good works” yet as I write that I know that I do this here – in recovery – in the 12 steps – in sponsorship.
I went to treatment 19 years ago today 1988………….started the “trudge”
And today Peter would have been 59 “Rest In Peace”
So over the next few days as we draw near to the year 2008 I will comtemplate what resolution really means for me and make a few meaningful ones.!!!!!!!!

Merry Ho Ho

such busy times I can hardly fathom that christmas is so close. I find I have things left undone…… cards sent out. Things left unsaid to some folks that I care about and feel I have things to say and don’t.
Pray and stay grateful – stay close to the Great Spirit of the Universe and if all I can say is Merry Christmas ………..then so be it.
blessings to all who pass by here