Well it’s been awhile since I have done any painting. Or anything creative at all. So it felt good to do this today.
Speaking with friends the past few days about how fast life is. And there goes January!! I have sense that I need to set some priorities. I have things I want to get done “over the winter” and here it is the end of January……..
I have some writing I want to do, cards to make, paintings to paint, and trying to get to Curves and Yoga…………so I can keep up the pace of this fast life………..
Well I never thought when I “lived in the fast lane” that it was going to get fast !!!!!!!!
Then of course I had the thought that perhaps I am slowing down………..whatever way it is I am grateful I am alive ………grateful for my family and friends and my life.

Celebrate Sobriety

My “Happy Dance” in celebration of 14 Years of continuance sobriety………today in 1994 I came back into recovery after being “out there” for about 6 months. I had been sober about 4 1/2 years and that summer (93) I picked up.
The time out – was short – and scary. It was hard to come back to the “rooms” however I knew only too well that it was life and death, I choose life.
I choose to stay close to thoses who are on the same path that I am and I choose to stay close to God and AA.
Because I have known too many folks that did not come back, did not keep coming, or were just around and not in AA.
It is “grace” that I was given a second chance at life and at recovery. I choose too celebrate life and to those who care enough to celebrate with me, I thank you and welcome you to walk with me as I/we “trudge this road of happy destiny”

Sunset Moon Rise

As the world turns and each day passes I must remain grateful.
Yesterday passed and I did not hear from as many folks as I did last year on that date. Life goes on and we have busy lives and we move forward and onward – and that is life.
I have family and friends who love me and know I am who I am and that’s ok with them.
I thank God I am here now at this time, the year 2008 in front of me to live to the fullest.
I am grateful, I thank the Creator for all that I have and all that is coming to me. Now!