changing colours

Ifind it an interesting process choosing colors for my cards, from the color of the cards to the paper that I make the “paperscapes” with.
I have always preferred the browns and blacks and the different shades of purples. However I am moving into different colors.

big girls don’t

Some times you just have to “suck it up” and deal with it.
Processing the last month is bringing me to more conclusions about my energy. I choose where to spend it and I am really seeing how precious that energy is and I no longer am willing to put it in places that are not healthy for me.
I was happy to do the stuff I did this past month, it has brought me to the point of “where do I spend this energy of mine and is it healthy for me, and others”.
I am always filled with good energy when I share my experience strength and hope within the rooms recovery. And I know I need to do this in order to stay sane and sober myself.
HOWEVER…………….this next few days will be spent “in Process” of things to come and things that must go………Spring Cleaning??