Forgiveness and Gratitude

Out of the darkness and into the light I come asking for forgiveness, and being in the light of Graditude I can recieve.
Can we recieve forgiveness on a spiritual level without coming into contact with the person from whom we seek forgiveness?
I believe I can use prayer to achieve this and on a spiritual level the person receieves my prayer and intention.
I know that I am a precious child of a loving God and in that I am forgiven.


I have signed up for a 10 day Meditation Course at the Vipassana Centre. IT’S NOT TILL APRIL !!!
In the meantime I will go back to the wednesday meditation group here in Huntsville and do the once a month Sunday Day Long. This should help me prepare for the 10 day 10 hours a day that will be the challenge in April.
Everything I have ever read as I recovered from the first part of my life- has said MEDITATE……….
Wayne Dyer, one of my teachers has been teaching that for years. Yet I find myself doing everything else spiritually and pushing against formal meditation.
I can’t say I do not meditate at all …………. sometimes my life feels like a meditation. Being alone so much of the time and often in the silence of my space, the “chatter” quiets and I can receive…………. Sometimes during an art project I find that space also.
I am in a blank space in terms of my art. Wanting to do something new and not having the funds to go out and get supplies………..the term “starving artist” has to come out of the place where the artist would spend all money on supplies and always be broke because the desire to create was stronger than anything. Well that is not my – I do have a desire to create and am in a blank space however this too shall pass.

Autumn and Winter

This time of year ………this time of life. I ponder if the 60’s are the autumn of our lives or the winter. I find I do not dread the thought of the cold weather coming, the snow, the isolation, the dark. I know that this year I will make more of an effort to get outside and embrace the daylight that is so precious.
However right now I need to just stay in the day and enjoy the leaves the great temperatures.
And I need to do this in terms of life. In these years ……..this next and perhaps last chapter of life. Step out in the light……..happy to not be living in the dark places of my past. I really see this as the autumn of my life not the winter of my life. However we don’t know when we will pass on/ over………….so living life as if it where that last part, may be important. Live each day to the fullest.
Looking at the beauty of the leaves……….and the strength of the “winter” …………..guess I am in my years of beauty 😉