In the Spirit of Love

How fragile our hearts can be. My young friend Amanda has just had her heart broken. She is 16………. and I told her that her first love would always have a “little piece of her heart” and that’s ok.
I recently heard from my first love. He lives in Arizona, a desert rat? It stirred alot of memories but in reality I felt just confused as to the reason or point of the contact. It was really rather sad that when I did the math I was only 13 or 14 years old. More math ……….. I am 61.
Did I lie to Amanda or did the contact ruin the illusion that it was love.
I am grateful that I have known true love and that now I experience love in many different ways.
God’s love is demonstrated in my life daily. Through friends and family. I know that I am loved.
And my heart is light most days…………….so in the Spirit of Love I walk into today, asking to be led in the direction of the larger plan. And I pray that the God of my understanding helps me to see Love and be Love and recieve Love.
I ask to be of Service in some small way ……………