All Souls Day

This is an old watercolor that is now framed ( and I suppose I need to photograph it framed ) however I always want to have it reframed with a larger mat and larger frame.
I have tried a couple of times to re-create the process that caused this to happen, but have never managed to do it.
Today is All Souls Day, and I am going to do some lighting of candles and smugding and prayer for the loved ones who have gone to another place in time.
Brent, Frances, Emery, Peter, Terry and Al………many others.
And the prayer for today is from the Course in Miracles………..Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say, and to whom.

The Spirit Cafe’ / The Wisdom of the Circle

I hate that when I attend the Spirit Cafe’ that I come away feeling like I could not say the things I wanted to say. Not because of opportunity, instead it is the struggle to find the words.
In the conversations I know what folks are speaking of however I just do not seem to have the language.
Now a new Circle starting in Bracebridge at the home of a great facilitator. Seekers, journeying together, chasing the truth.
I suppose I just need to be grateful that I understand what others are saying and I “know” that we are on a path to a better, more spiritual life.
What a joy to be in the energy of like minded folks. A spiritual community that is not “in a box”.
Our topic last night was Spirit in Nature or the Spirituality of Nature. I was amazed at the talk of trees and grounding and how trees just are, just as I know the Creator just is.
I spoke about the roots and using that image in meditation to ground myself and then reach upwards, like the tree reaches up for the sun. Some great mete fores and analogies.

Emerald Chamberlain

What is it about publishing a picture of myself that feels so strange? Perhaps that I do not recognize the face that I see, the process of getting older is ego deflation at depth !!

Once again I wonder where the time has gone – what can I do to get into the creative process.
I found some paper while in Halifax that I hope will inspire me.

Inspire – to be “in spirit” – so perhaps what I need to do is get connected Spiritually. I wonder what happens that I get dis-connected?? What is the process that gets me to that place of Creator, Create, Creativity…………..