Getting Ready

Working in my Studio preparing Masks for a Mask Making Workshop to be given in June. I am trying to find some teachings on Masks because the client base I will be working with are 1st Nations. I just want to spark creativity without getting folks too emotionally involved as some Mask Making can do.


What is next?

Just finished a time of stress and reflection – if that sounds like an oxymoron it probably is. I was rushing here and there which causes me stress and I was staying away from home and travelling home during the day. Working on line at home and journalling at the other place. The journalling helped make some decisions about doing too many things. I have 3 websites that I try to keep updated  ~ one of which is a business. I volunteer at a couple of different organizations and I work on line. Staying busy is good however doing too much is crazy making. So some choices are being made. Energy being redistributed and conscious contact with Spirit necessary!! Prayer and Gratitude! Action and Attention to all the the above.

It is what it is

A busy weekend, the first art show in such a long while. I am an introvert and it is so difficult for me to spend that many hours out in public. I find it difficult to make small talk, or perhaps to talk and have long conversations with folks. And it’s me not them

I am considering taking my art to the Bohemian Cafe’ in Bracebridge. I will leave them there for a while; perhaps until I do an outdoor show this summer. I would like to do one art in the park this summer. A long weekend Saturday I think.

Working “online” is new and feels like I am ‘on’ most of the time although really only 10 or 15 hours per week. And life is what it is. And life is good, I am grateful.



Welcome to my new Blog…….. with all the old stuff moved over from Blogger! Just finding my way around the tools and trying not to get overwhelmed.

This week I am in Spring Ahead Art  Show – taking place at Hidden Valley Resort here in Huntsville. this is the first show this year and am looking forward to it. The Ballroom will be full of local artists and that can be inspiring and at times intimidating. However I so enjoy the creative process and believe being able to do this keeps me sane. I am blessed to have the support of family and friends in my life, in all that I do and all that I am. The good the bad and the not so pretty !!

After this Show I am  moving stuff to the Bohemian Cafe’ in Bracebridge for the summer. Well ……… that’s the plan! I will keep you posted.

A Miracle

Miracles are the constant flow of Love emanating from the Mind of God. My next miracle is literally on the way. I need only stand firm in faith that this is so. And so it is.

Seems it has been a long time since my last post and my last spurt of creativity. And so a new year and a new post. My AA birthday today 17 years of sobriety, and I am grateful. The year has started out with news that changes things in my life……… and although change has been a constant in my life; I find the older I get the more difficult it gets. I find other peoples expectations of me is how “they” want me to be or think I shoulda, coulda, woulda been – if only I had done things differently.

My life was and is a compilation of my experiences.
Someone I once loved told someone close to me that I exaggerate; I know that this was so if I ever said anything about that person it would all be an exaggeration. I always tried  not to say things about that person however the person close to me now filters everything I say through that statement.
Oh this may not make sense to you however I see it clearly. I have no reason to lie or exaggerate; believe me my life did not ever need to be blown up or out of proportion.

And so a new year and change coming …….. my miracle is on its way and that it is for the good of my life and the lives of those around me.