Spring Gap

Christmas Picture above with all of my

grandchildren –

Happy Easter >……………but where did March go????

I feel like I have lost a month somewhere along the way. And Today realized that Easter is only one week from Sunday and I thought it was two weeks away.

Life really is what happens while we are making other plans!

Signed up for 2 workshops in Haliburton at the School of fine art………………….waiting on word about funding to take some courses and realized I could afford to do the workshops.

I am so glad Spring is here…………we may see one other snow fall however I know that its almost finished for another year. I would like to get “walking” .

Spiritually I find I have to really focus on the “grace” in my life and just be so grateful for all that I have – for my family and friends and folks God sends my way.

Having a new sponsee is a good thing – back to Step One – lots of re-affirmming that I do what I do because I have to in order to stay alive.

I have everything I need on a daily basis and that is all I have “a daily reprieve contingent on the maintenance of my spiritual condition”

so it is always “now” and the goal would be to stay in the “now”

where/who am I now??

This assemblege was inspired by the new look and colors of “southwest art”
I have an interest in Masks and I used to make them about 10 years ago and would like to start again.

A friend that visited me this past weekend helped me identify a couple of things.
One was around my statement ” I am not the same person since Brent’s passing”

A suggestion was that perhaps I “see things differently” that perhaps in fact I am the same person who views life from a different perspective. I am ruminating on this and believe it merits thought and contemplation.

The other food for thought: was my realizations around being alone a lot. Boundries – both emotional and physical. Living in fear of being hurt yet again………….not quite “poor me” however one cannot expect to never experience pain again. Was it the Buddists that said Life is Pain…………is that a noble truth????

And this ageism I have “put on myself”

Lots to think about…………waiting to hear about school…………………contemplation of tires or Vancouver!!!!!!!!!!! B.C. in April?????

I can’t seem to get the spell check to work so …………….please know I have other talents!!