Our energy goes out from us and is all around us and some folks give us energy and some take it away.
I learned along time ago that I am super sensitive to other peoples energy. I often have to take a “step back” if I am around someone who is zapping my energy.
Since I have this disability that is all about pain and energy I find it all rather confusing at times.
My saving grace is that I know when to “rest”. I have some difficulty at times letting others know when I have “had enough” and this past week was an example of the struggle I deal with at times. I did way too much and finally crashed.
This next while I am going t focus on the different ways I rejuvenate. One is by being alone and doing creative things. It’s finding the balance between solitude and isolation that is often the challenge for me.
Other ways to re-energize is to get outside, I mean outdoors, I mean into nature. And living where I live you wouldn’t think that it would be hard to do that. Yet I struggle with it. For a person who spent so much time in or near the water for the first part of my life, I certainly notice the difference when I “go there”.
I suppose its all really about BALANCE.
So to Balance Energy…… be connected to the earth and the cosmos and to other humans in a good way…………and in order to do that I must be connected to self and God.
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God, The Great Mystery, Spirit, Higher Power, Life Force

This picture I borrowed from somewhere on this world wide web. Its called Going to the Light. I suppose if we listen to folks who have had near death experiences that is what they speak of “going to the light”
Should we not take that as a small hint that we need to “go to the light” each day. The Light ( capital “L”) is another of the many words we use for God. When we know how powerless we really are, how much faith we need to have, we can truly let go and let be. Not easy but possible.
I had a friend in early recovery that had been so abused as a small child, that she could not believe there was a God. She heard someone say they couldn’t believe in God but they could believe in good. And she said I knew there was good in the world. She had foster parents that treated her with dignity and respect and she knew they were good people and she said that when she came into recovery she met folks who were good. And so she said she started to believe in Good. As her belief grew she was able to identify that the good she saw in people was the Divine in them, and that God spoke to her through the Good she saw in others.
And so we need to pay attention to who God puts in front of us. Who are our teachers and who are we teaching. More important, what are we learning and what are we teaching.
For those folks who must have ” all” the anwers and “all” the control (or think they do) I say – leave room for the Great Mystery………….do we really want all the answers? I think not. Life would not be worth getting up in the morning if we knew it all.
We need to remember we are all teachers and we are all students. As the Course in Miracles says:
“This is a course in miracles. It is a required course. Only the time you take it is voluntary” it goes on to say “free will does not mean that your can establish the curriculum. It means only that you can elect what you want to take at a given time.”
So what it is saying is that we can go through life picking and choosing what we will learn, however the lessons will keep coming; and if we choose not to learn the lesson, it will come back again, at some point in our life. And so we are given many opportunities to learn that same lesson, perhaps it comes in a different form, but it is the same lesson.
And I believe what we learn we must pass on, and that we teach what we most need to learn!
I think also that spirituality is my realtionship with God and with you. It is how I live my life.
In the 3rd step of the 12 Step Programs “we turn our will and our life over to the care of God”
My “will” is my thinking and my “life” is my actions.
And I fall short…………….because I am human. I must strive to find the Divine in me; continue to “go to the “Light” each day. Talk to God as I would talk to a loving teacher, friend, parent. Ask for help each day and know that it is given.
And in my humaness I need to stop being so “unloving” and hard on myself. Another name for God is “Love” and so I need to know that if I am not living in Love than I am living in fear.
And as the “course” says fear is really a cry for Love.
And I fall short…………


I am a book.
I choose to allow you to pick me up and look inside. I am not quite finished, so there is no need to look for a last page, it has not been written yet. I ask that you are gentle in your understanding of its contents.

The cover (as you can see if you look with love), was not always purple, it was black. The change was difficult however I like it much better now. The title on the cover is Esmeralda; it’s a magical story. The glitter that once dusted its cover has fallen away with time and wear. The witch’s hat in the corner confused me, before I knew the truth about witches.

I am a book; I have many chapters that will take you many places. Esmeralda is the main character and the dialogue is hers’ as she questions the Universe. Chapter one start’s out with one such question. Esmeralda is feeling like she was born into the wrong family, something isn’t right and she can’t understand what it is. Her questions to the Universe are these; “How can I be in the wrong family?” and “Am I a mistake?” No answer came from the Universe so Esmeralda lost herself in the flowers on the wall.

The next chapter begins with a move, “To the north” the father said and of course Esmeralda was too young to say no. This brought about her next question to the Universe, “Why can’t I say no, what kind of a Universe is this anyway no one sees what is happening and no one hears my silent no?”

For many years the Universe refused to answer, and so one day Esmeralda yelled as loud as she could, NO! NO! NO! And the only one who heard her was the father. He could not accept the No and sent Esmeralda away.
I am a book, with many chapters that are far too many to tell you about here. Esmeralda moved to a different place and changed her name. She had studied to be an Alchemist and did well to turn things into gold. She had two children for a while and then they disappeared.

Time passed and Esmeralda changed her name again and rebelled against the Universes’ plan for her to be an Alchemist. She sailed away on a ship …..her days became dark and she no longer questioned the Universe.

One day in a flicker of light Esmeralda remembered where her children were. She flew south to be close to them and vowed to never go north again.

The darkness was powerful and followed her; it called her to a place where she was to meet many dark souls.
She studied the darkness as if nothing else mattered, and the book you are holding contains many dark secrets from that time.

Twelve years flashed by and one day Esmeralda found a magic mirror. She was full of fear but dared to look into the mirror. As she looked she saw it was much lighter in the mirror and to her horror she saw she was forty years old and not twenty-eight as she had thought. Esmeralda screamed as loud as she could to the Universe, “HELP ME, HELP ME, HELP ME!!!”
And ……..Finally the Universe answered, “Your lessons in the dark are over, it’s time to live in the light”. Esmeralda was frightened and said, “But I don’t’ know how to live in the light”.
The Universe replied, “You have the magic mirror, you need only know that everything in a mirror is turned around. So go into the light and turn everything you learned in the dark around, it will work for you if you try.”
So Esmeralda stepped into the light!
I am a book about a good witch who lives in the light and tries.


It’s all about forgiveness…………letting go and letting things be.

Be what they are, be what they were. So many things get lost in translation. Taken out of context.

The children talk about only remembering the good times, and the things learned. How wonderful is that!

The mind and the heart always open, always forgiving us for our mistaken choices and choices made in another lifetime.

We all just need to do the next right thing, the next thing that God puts in front of us to do.

“if you knew who walked beside you” !!!!!!!!!!

(Picture from the Course in Miracles site )