There seems to be a debate on the idea of praying for others or if praying for yourself just what it is that one should ask for.
I pray for family and friends all the time however I only ask that they be granted peace and serenity and health.
I don’t pray for them to “change” or do certain things. I suspect that is up to them and what ever Force, Source or Energy they pray to for help.
I know some folks stuggle with the concept of God and I suspect that the problem at times seems to be we have created God in our image. We try to put form and face to God instead of a feeling or knowing. I see folks who are in recovery who come in and already have a concept of a Higher Power and have a sense of this Power at work in their lives.
For those who cannot conceive or believe I can only say that it’s ok because that Great Mystery believes in you!!
I pray that everyone in my “circle of life” which includes family and friends has peace and serenity and hope…………
I pray that I can be of “service” by living a life of gratitude and faith……..
A men
A women !

Emerald Chamberlain

So here I am 60 and still with the same name I was born and baptized with. Being “independent” or being “my own person” has been difficult and has had its costs.
I always tell folks this: there is always a price and a payoff.
And I do not mean financial (although $$ can be part of it)
the thing is the payoff has to be more than the price.
Now whether this is in a relationship with another person or with the Universe at large I firmly believe this.
I came into recovery in December 1988 and the costs of my addictions where large. 20 years of trying to “heal” trying “to get better” working at things like “surrender” when control was the only thing I ever thought I had that kept me safe. If we (as addicts or survivors or alcholics) really knew what affect our behavior has on the shaping of our childrens lives could it have been any different? Addiction take us away from any values we may have had or any one we valued. Addiction is all consuming, eats us up and spits us out. Damaged. And filled with guilt and remorse. We can however recover………….through the help of God and the priviledge of working with other folks with the same problems. Telling them about the solution and the program of action that we found in the 12 step programs.
I am blessed today to have my family in my life and I have a few regrets that I live with however I know I am grateful and I know I am loved.
I am so grateful for friends…………….like Lesley Snider who did this picture on a birthday card for me!!!!!!!!! How great is that!!
I am Emerald Chamberlain and I am here, now, and for that I say thanks to all who make my life a wonder-filled place to be. I celebrate my life!!

Colors of Life

I suppose this watercolor is different for me in that I usually tend to stick with one or two muted tones or colors that are not in such contrast. I often start painting (after not painting for awhile) with lines like this. My goal is too continue this mood and see where it goes.
Life is busy and it seems the older I get the busier it gets.
I am blessed with family and friends ……….and recovery from various forms of darkness. What more can one ask for ?
I am reading more of Oriah (Mountain Dreamer) and she calls God the “Great Mystery” and I like that and accept that the “unknowing” the “mystery” the “suprises” are what makes life on this human level liveable. If we knew everything that was – is and will be, wouldn it not be overwhelming?
One day at a time, Acceptance and Seeking this Great Mystery is a good way to live. Constant self-examination without harsh judgement, and kindness, always kindness.

Loon Art

Well here it is………I really never thought I would do a loon. Everybody does loons HOWEVER it does have to rank up there with the most beautiful birds in the world.
My loon was done in pencil and I would like not to be so confused in terms of what medium to use.
I would like to do more of this type of art – sort of native ………….I suppose the thing is to just keep doing it.
Would like to do this larger and have a moon with the loon!!!!!!!!!!! 😉
(the loon in june stares mainly at the moon)

Remember – Not all wars are far away

Persephone – she is the keeper of the Underworld in Mythology
For every one of us who have lived in the dark and fought battles against enemys that came in the form of a bottle or a drug and lived – we need to remember those who didn’t.
So although I did pray for those who died in wars so we could live free I also remember that when one addict dies so another can live we can’t take that lightly.
Life or death is the disease of addiction.
AA is so important and I am responsible to keep it going by passing on what I know and what I have learned. Mostly because I know that it works…………………………..and I know how fragile life is and how important it is to have God in my life so I can handle it all.
I borrowed this picture from somewhere on the web!