Emerald Chamberlain

What is it about publishing a picture of myself that feels so strange? Perhaps that I do not recognize the face that I see, the process of getting older is ego deflation at depth !!

Once again I wonder where the time has gone – what can I do to get into the creative process.
I found some paper while in Halifax that I hope will inspire me.

Inspire – to be “in spirit” – so perhaps what I need to do is get connected Spiritually. I wonder what happens that I get dis-connected?? What is the process that gets me to that place of Creator, Create, Creativity…………..

big girls don’t

Some times you just have to “suck it up” and deal with it.
Processing the last month is bringing me to more conclusions about my energy. I choose where to spend it and I am really seeing how precious that energy is and I no longer am willing to put it in places that are not healthy for me.
I was happy to do the stuff I did this past month, it has brought me to the point of “where do I spend this energy of mine and is it healthy for me, and others”.
I am always filled with good energy when I share my experience strength and hope within the rooms recovery. And I know I need to do this in order to stay sane and sober myself.
HOWEVER…………….this next few days will be spent “in Process” of things to come and things that must go………Spring Cleaning??

Putting a Price on my Cards

One thing I find most difficult is to put a price on my cards. I “think” I need to charge by size 4×4 or 5×5 or regular card size. The thing is that I make the “paperscapes” first and they all take the same amount of time. I have just spent a month making cards (pretty regularly) and have made about 50 cards give or take a few.
Putting a price on any type of art is difficult however I seem to be able to do that with a painting – yet I get stuck with the cards.
The blank cards cost me about the same, now adding a label and cello cover all costs money, I have been through 6 glue sticks !!! Big Ones !!
I guess what I am processing here is that I am going to put a price on my cards this week and stick to those prices……..by size or by card is my dilemma.
and if that is the only dilemma in my life I AM BLESSED !!!!!!

this too shall pass

I suppose I need to remember that all things move – forward or backward. We never really need suffer for too long, in physical or emotional pain. For me if I just keep doing the next right thing it seems to get me through.
The energy of “doing something creative” or “doing something for someone else” always gets me out of myself.
I started to write about a year ago, my life story and yesterday I was thinking about why I stopped or more important what stopped me.
I stopped at the last year of my drinking – the year I married “Robin Hood”. It was such a tough year. A friend that I drank with was murdered. The marriage to Rob lasted about 8 weeks……….I came into recovery about 8 months later. I was spinning out of control.
So perhaps it’s time to return to the writing, for my own sense of “I can do this” and if no one ever reads it that will be ok. Perhaps it might be best if no one reads it 🙂
I am blessed to have such great family and friends that have always loved me no matter what!!

Will I ever Recover Physically?

Don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for the life I have, for all I have and for all that is coming to me. It’s just so weird how I go along for a week or so feeling so well and then BANG I get hit by the Fibro truck and get struck down with the pain and the loss of energy.
I have not been able to do more than one thing a day for the past week.
Just drained of all energy and feeling like bed or the sofa is the only place I want to be.
I read and watch TV and make meals and go to the store or for a coffee at the drive through………..make a card or two…….drained.
So my prayers today are for healing. Heal this body!!
And I just needed to write this to affirm that its ok to “take a break” when I need to and not feel guilty that I am not “doing more”

Recycled Art

So this is a card where I am using what I am calling “recycled art”. This means I will use watercolors that didn’t make it to the framing stage; take a small section of that painting and use it in my cardmaking. There is another one in the slide show on the left.
I am a card maker! It is like this passion, or addiction 😉
once I start a series I can’t stop !!
I think it’s because each one is different, one of a kind has always been of interest to me, perhaps I have always been “one of a kind” myself. I realize that I am getting to be pretty ok with who I am. And it feels really good and ok.
We really should get to start out in old age and get younger!!!!!!!!
I am blessed and gratefull for my life and all those family and folks who are in it.

Cards for Sale

This is one of my newest cards. I am currently showing these cards on the left hand side of this page in a slideshow. I plan to set up a Paypal method of purchasing these cards, perhaps by a offering a package of six cards.
The dilemma I always seem to have is how to price each card. I recall an artist telling me to set a price per “size” so perhaps I need to do that.
I suppose it’s all about how we value what we do, and can we step up in confidence as an artisan.
All this talk of “The Secret” had me thinking about how I have manifested this whole art thing.
I recall walking down the Locke Street in Hamilton and looking up at the “artist studios” over top of some of the stores, and thinking how wonderful it would be to create, to be an artist and to live there in that space. I was in my early 40’s and going off to school in Toronto each morning to be an Addictions Counsellor. Three years later I was living in one of those studios and I began to create. I set up the front room that overlooked the street, and purchased a drafting table that I could sit at. I painted the fireplace purple and I loved it there.
That was the beginning of my artistic journey……………..


Well it’s been awhile since I have done any painting. Or anything creative at all. So it felt good to do this today.
Speaking with friends the past few days about how fast life is. And there goes January!! I have sense that I need to set some priorities. I have things I want to get done “over the winter” and here it is the end of January……..
I have some writing I want to do, cards to make, paintings to paint, and trying to get to Curves and Yoga…………so I can keep up the pace of this fast life………..
Well I never thought when I “lived in the fast lane” that it was going to get fast !!!!!!!!
Then of course I had the thought that perhaps I am slowing down………..whatever way it is I am grateful I am alive ………grateful for my family and friends and my life.

Celebrate Sobriety

My “Happy Dance” in celebration of 14 Years of continuance sobriety………today in 1994 I came back into recovery after being “out there” for about 6 months. I had been sober about 4 1/2 years and that summer (93) I picked up.
The time out – was short – and scary. It was hard to come back to the “rooms” however I knew only too well that it was life and death, I choose life.
I choose to stay close to thoses who are on the same path that I am and I choose to stay close to God and AA.
Because I have known too many folks that did not come back, did not keep coming, or were just around and not in AA.
It is “grace” that I was given a second chance at life and at recovery. I choose too celebrate life and to those who care enough to celebrate with me, I thank you and welcome you to walk with me as I/we “trudge this road of happy destiny”

Sunset Moon Rise

As the world turns and each day passes I must remain grateful.
Yesterday passed and I did not hear from as many folks as I did last year on that date. Life goes on and we have busy lives and we move forward and onward – and that is life.
I have family and friends who love me and know I am who I am and that’s ok with them.
I thank God I am here now at this time, the year 2008 in front of me to live to the fullest.
I am grateful, I thank the Creator for all that I have and all that is coming to me. Now!