I may have uploaded this painting before……… it was the first painting I sold.
I did it with a feather and iridescent paint,
Well here I am at day 41 of my sugar free life. I am restless………. I have a great desire to “take a trip” and keep thinking Elliot Lake would be nice, reflective and cheaper than most places. However a good friend tells me my Jeep may not like a 250 mile trip.
Maybe next week I will take just a short two day excursion somewhere.
I am doing the “waiting to be inspired” thing with my art right now……… wanting to get back to the paper collages and see where it takes me. I know if I just start and not worry about where its going I will be ok… it’s just getting started that’s the kicker.
A 5 year celebration for my friend last night and I felt very connected to folks. It was a great night and reminds me to get to more meetings and get connected – as opposed to staying alone.
It’s a struggle for me at times ………. I like the solitary life. Just wish I was on a lake somewhere.
Well ya can’t win without a ticket so tonight I am gettin a ticket.

The Georgian Bay

Along the shores of Georgian Bay…………. I did a painting of the bay…. from a high point in the north channel.
It sold at the art show on Sunday to a couple who were celebrating their tenth anniversary.
Congrats and thank you.
It was my first oil painting and if anyone has a picture of it please send it to me. I just can’t seem to find a photo I took of it however I know I did cause I recall mailing it to a few folks.
It was a busy weekend and I managed to stay abstinent from sugar and all whites. I packed a lunch on Sunday to go to Parry Sound, and had salads friday and saturday at the show. I feel pretty good about this. I continue to go to O.A. meetings on line (dispite problems with Java) and continue to get on my knees and ask for help.
I often think about a nun that used to come to some AA meetings at the hospital in Hamilton she said ” My God is a gentleman and he likes to be asked” and so I ask. Each day I ask for this absinence to continue and for the willingness and ability to stick to a plan of eating that will keep me healthy.
Day 36 for me and I am grateful…………

When we recover Spiritually………

I suppose for everything EACH DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING………
AND they say you can start your day ( or your next 24 hours ) anytime you want.
I see how anxious I can get if there are too many things going on. And this seems to be one of those months.
An Art Show tonight and tomorrow and then Parry Sound and Skeleton Lake on Sunday.
Seeing old friends and acquaintances should not make one anxious and yet at time it seems to.
Was reading a post today on one of my email loops that quote from the Big Book of AA, that says “we recovery spiritually first and then we recover physically and emotionally”.
And so for the past few days as I return to my “roots” or my “bascis” of recovery; listening to spiritually minded folks on C.D.’S I am feeling more connected to Source.
this collage is the a part of the beginning of something new………

Change the way you look at things

today I had a great day………. I walked this morning and did this collage this afternoon.
the best part was going to the spirit cafe’ tonight.
spiritual nourishment was the topic of discussion this evening and it is so healing to be in a room of like minded folks.

Busy times this month and still I must stay in today……..31 days sugar free and counting!! Perhaps I need to not count the days and just do the “one day at a time” thing, which is really how I am doing it anyway. Asking the Creator each day for the gift of this new way of being.

And like Wayne Dyer says……… when you change the way you look at things – the things you look at change.

Paper Collage and other rambleings

Well I am unsure of how to photograph this piece………. It sure does not look anything like it does in person.
The center has Desiderata written in a circle.
There is an art show next weekend and I am pretty sure I am going to go in it and put this piece in.
And……… day 28 sugar free for me. This whole business of feeling like I am new in recovery is amazing.
I know that if I continue to do the writing and the meetings online ; and going to Orillia when I can to a face to face meeting, I will continue on this same path.
Walking really needs to continue. I had been walking 3 times a week for two weeks then it rained for a week which plays havoc with my Fibromyalgia, so my goal this week is to walk at least 2 times. Keep moving, into the lightness of being ( for those who are into the light !!)
Listened to CHANGE YOUR THOUGHTS CHANGE YOUR LIFE ; Living the Wisdom of the Tao) today and the first verse of the Tao te Ching…….(which means the book of “the way” … the lesson is around “allowing” it’s about honouring the Great Mystery ( that some call God) and about letting go and letting God.
All of this sounds very familiar to me………..Wayne suggests One lesson a day. So I will add this to my daily’s.

Possiblilty Thinking

I found this picture a while back on the web, and love it for it’s movement and excitement.

Today I think of possible changes that can be made. I have returned to the awareness that I have had my TV on – to get away from the noise around me. Using it for “white noise” when in fact there is nothing white about it. So the garbage that has been pouring into my psyche for the past few weeks has to stop now.

This week someone gave me a couple of CD’s by Spiritual teachers, and as I listen I begin to realize I just purchased the new Wayne Dyer series and have not listened DUH !!

The other realization is that I have always got my spiritual nourishment ( a lot of it) from listening to spiritual teachers. Beginning with Jack Boland and Marianne Williamson on to Wayne and others. Add the Soul Series that Oprah did and I can’t believe how far away I have gotten recently from all this.

And I need to back up and listen to Wayne’s previous series called Change Your Thoughts Change Your Mind, I think this is the missing piece. (for me)

The process of these realizations has been one of connecting the dots…………. change my thinking and the possibilities arise from that place.

The clearing of my mind, the clarity that is coming to me since stopping the sugar (26 days ago) is all connected also.
Being connected to God…………….. the light ………. the comforter

Today I am …….an Artist


today I am an artist……. I recently attended a Gallery where a paper artist absolutely was an inspiration to me. Because of my love for paper I am now trying to create my own Paper Collage.
and I will have a camera by the end of the week and will publish photos next week.
There is an Art Show on the 17th and 18th and so I would like to have some new work done by then.I traveled to Bracbridge this morning on a paper hunt…………. mulberry paper – none to be found here in Huntsville. Soon I will be out of this great “YES” glue and will need to hunt that down………on the internet.
I have to create to stay sane in this new noisy place I am living in…….. I realized yesterday that I have had the TV on for weeks; to drown out the pitter patter of heavy little feet. What is the lessen here ??
On the recovery side of life I am day 24 sugar free. And it feels so good !! and I have been listening to some CD’s that are keeping me in touch with the more Spiritual side of my life.

to blog or not to blog: seeing the LIGHT

Well it does seem I have fallen into the realm of nothingness, in terms of my blogging.

I thought at the outset of this I would be writing about my art and my recovery. My recovery is ongoing and so I need to keep writing about all of it. Perhaps recovery is just another word for life and the growth we experience.

This month I have realized many things about my relationship with food. It never ceases to amaze me how things can be just below consciousness. On some level I have known that food had become a bit of a problem, the denial in that is; it had become a huge problem.
I stopped smoking 5 1/2 years ago and I see now that I switched addictions. So in fact became a food addict. My whole life was revolving around food, just like it had around cigarettes, just like it had around drugs and alcohol. Finally about 6weeks ago I bottomed out with sugar. I know what happens to my body when I consume things like ice cream. I bloat and all the horrible part is the sugar goes right through my system like somebody is shaking a can of pop.
And yet I would go “unconscious” and be gone to the store and be ingesting the stuff. And then once again go through the experience of it all.

Today is day 23 of no sugar !!! AND no junk food (chips etc.) No french fries, no drive thru, no white bread, no potatoes, no white pasta.

And so it is. My head is clearer. I feel more awake and more alive.