Recycled Watercolours

Once again uploading from Picasa places the pictures and writing where I am unable to change the layout ??
I suppose I just need to be grateful that I can upload ……… manage to blog a bit and even though I am struggling with my printer/scanner I seem to get by. So I made cards for two days and am now trying to get back at it, experiencing some difficulty getting the “flow”  back. Getting the Spiritual “flow” back is another place I need to be …. in the “river of life” going with the flow of where ever my life is taking me. Days like today I question where my life is taking me. I was irritable, after being out and about with a friend. Thanks God that each day is a new beginning. So Tomorrow is another day to enter into the river.

Butterflies and Transformations

This is another of my Torn Paper and Butterfly Series of cards that I am currently working on.                                                                                        The holiday season is starting to enter into my realm of consciousness. And once again I consider what it all means as we grow older – do we still consider this a special time. The statement that “Christmas is for children”  is one to ponder. What does that mean? Is there really magic in Christmas. Ram Dass ( a guru of the 60’s ) said ” If you think you are Spiritually evolved go spend a weekend with your family of origin”, and I wonder if this is true for most of us. And if we have children what then does this mean for them – and for us? I have two friends who are now living with their mothers full time. The one friend is fearful for his sanity and the other who is new to this way of living says the “warehousing” that goes on with the elderly is just not any way to treat our parents. Recently I visited my mother-in-law at such a facility. Once in her room I was fine; however the walk down the corridor to get to her room, was long and filled with the some of the horrors of aging. Folks slumped over in their chairs, mouths gaping open, oblivious to all that was around them. Perhaps we should be like Benjamin Button ………… and go the other way; start out as an old man and get younger. No one really minds caring for a baby !!
As I re-read this I realize it’s still some “leftovers” from my birthday and getting older, and I need to know that “going home” is not such a bad thing; for that Home, that place of “many mansions” in my Fathers house, is not such a scary thing……………


I am sitting down to stop the intensity of “being in the creative flow” of making some new cards.

It occurs to me that when I get start to make  a series of cards, it’s like an addiction. I have to tell myself to take a break, the pain usually stops me.  I have been working since 11 am this morning and its almost 5pm and I feel like I have been hit by a truck. My body reacts to the standing and the bending over the table.
I have not made any cards in such a long time; and it took finding some yummy new paper when I was in Halifax to kick in the desire, the vision and then the movement into doing. Willl try and scan some cards soon.

found the picture on the weeb…………..

Thy will and mine be One

I love this picture of Jesus called Thy Will ……….. today my 62nd Birthday I am grateful that I have the knowledge to know that my will/ my way does not work for me. I need the Creators will in my life. And I need to say those words Thy Will be done………. or Thy will and Mine be One. Meaning that I pray that my will be aligned with the will of the Creator.I am grateful for family and friends, for well wishes and forgotten wishes. I am as God created me …………

Photo Collage

This is a “Photo Collage” done by taking two photos and cutting them in strips and then alternating them on a piece of card stock. They look great matted and framed. It is a challenge to choose the right photos. In this one we have a photo of a back pocket of a pair of jeans and the other photo was one of shirts hanging. They fit well together. Photo’s that are too busy would not work, it takes an eye for color and balance for this type of work. 

Spiritual Life / Human Life

Human life comes from human parents, but the spiritual life comes from the Spirit (John3:6)
Perhaps our past isn’t much to brag about, having seen the darkness that lurked there.
I choose, I chose, to rise above and no longer be controlled by the past.
There are times ( like today) that I make a conscious decision to remember the past.
(Friday the 13th, 1987)
However I remeber re-member, to be a member you “join”  – and so to join with the past in memory is for me at this time, to re-call the spirit of that time. Not the earthly “stuff” of that day but rather the spirit of what was really intended. And so Robin Michael Harris where ever you are I remember.

Carla’s Blue Harron

This is a picture done on black mat board with gel pens. I actually had a heron feather to include in the mix. 
A friend of mine owns it now and I am thinking I need to go and see her and get a better photo. 
It is one of my drawings that was done in the center of a circle, as I “danced with the wheel”.
As I re-visit this piece it reminds me and moves me towards trying this type of art again. Not sure what it is that keeps me doing something different every time I move in to a creative place. So easily bored? Attention span problem? 


Comes November

I found this picture on the web and I find it reminds of November.
A real time of transition, as we can no longer ignore the reality that winter is here.
These past few days of mild weather has truly been a gift. Taking a long drive and listening to Marianne Williamson ……… solitude while being in motion. Noticing the colours left – before white comes the colour  of  wheat ….
So, I notice that each winter becomes a challange, and I am not so sure why I have that sense of things. Perhaps because spring always feels like rebirth.
I do not know who did this beautiful picture but I love the light and the dark, both are familiar.
A birthday on the rise for me. Another reason to call it a transitional time.I am grateful to be alive and to face another winter in the “near” north.
Snow and storms and cold crisp days …..
Bring it on!!

All around Medicine Wheel

Finding our place and time in life can be sought though many different methods. One is using the medicine wheel, of which there are many.
This one, created by Sun Bear ( who published Danceing with the Wheel) is showing the stone, plant and animal that go with each month. This is very reflective of a Astrological interpretation of the months as they pass through the moon cycles.
I suppose I am drawn to this at this “birthday” month of mine. I started to draw feathers and read the above mentioned book in 1994 ……… the beginning of my path as an artist. And although many years inbetween I did nothing creative in terms of art, I suppose I was still creating in different ways.

So Snake , thistle, Malachite ………..somewhere I have a picture of two snakes I did way back then. And I have a really good piece of  Malachite, which I will put on my alter, just not sure about the thistle ………..perhaps if I went for a walk……….

this drawing is by M.G. Knoch ( not sure who he is however I need to mention his name)